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Your brakes are a critical component that protects not only you, but also the other commuters on the road. Your automotive braking system starts under the hood with your master cylinder, a failing master cylinder can give you a soft pedal that can be extremely dangerous. Your brake lines and hoses carry brake fluid that actuates your brake pistons on your calipers. Brake fluid should be changed at a regular basis, otherwise you can once again get very poor braking performance.

At the end of your brake lines are your brake calipers which contain the pistons that transfer friction via your pads to your rotor to stop your car. A faulty brake caliper can cause sticking pistons and severe brake problems, worn pads and rotors can also dramatically reduce braking power. If you have a vehicle with drum brakes, worn wheel cylinders, shoes and drums can also result in problems.

At McB Autosport our staff can take care of any of your braking problems, from modern ABS equipped brakes to older drum brake systems. Looking to go beyond your typical maintenance items, check out our High Performance Services and Motorsports Services to see how we can make your car stop on a dime.

McB Autosport Brake System Services

To schedule an appointment to have us look at your brake system, visit our Appointments page and let us know how we can help you.

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